I finished writing and recently published Freebrowse, the Freebase browser for the iPhone. Freebase is the world’s database, in much the same way that Wikipedia is the world’s encyclopedia: essentially, it is a structured Wikipedia.

Ordinarily, Freebase is a pain in the butt to use on the iPhone, but Freebrowse makes it significantly easier via a simpler interface and a search using common user interface widgets that actually work.

Links between articles work as you’d expect, and it is quite addictive to browse through articles, looking at all the unexpected types of data that an article can be typed (e.g. who would have considered the city of Austin to be a book subject?).

It’s available for $1.99 on the iTunes App Store.

Woo! I’d really love some good feedback in the App Store, if you like it. :slight_smile: