Freelancing in Australia

Hi there.

I’ve got some questions regarding freelance work in Australia. I’d appreciate any help, but preferably Australians (for taxes are different between different countries).

Okay, I’ll make a start.
I’m young, 14 turning 15 soon, and I dont want to sound too ambitious, but I’m interested in doing some freelance work. Is there an age requirement for me to start? I read somewhere that you have to pay both employee tax and owners tax (seeing as how you’re your own boss). I also heard from someone that unless you’re earning a specific amount per year ($3000 or something), you don’t have to pay tax. I dont expect to earn that much. 3 grand may not seem like that much anyway, but I’d like to work as a freelancer to ‘compliment’ a part time job. I dont expect too much work from it, so if I can work tax free then that would be great.

I probably sound like I’m jumping in head first, but that’s exactly why I’ve turned to the good people here at the Kirupa Forums. My search for more information came up empty.

Thanks in advance!