Fresh Harddrive - Question Time

Hi - Well after a few months of my old out dated P3 1000mhz, 512mb sdram, 64mb Geforce 4 and 20 gig harddrive, I have finally reformatted it.

After the reformatt re-installed Windows XP Pro, SP1 & SP2 along with other updates such as ad-aware, firefox etc. Its now running the best it has within years of having it. Although I still have a few questions about some things which maybe some people are able to help me with…

Q1) With SP2 installed from the CD sent by Microsoft, I was wondering how to remove that small “sheild” icon from the taskbar. Every time I log on to my computer the balloon above it pops up saying something like “Your computer isnt protect” it comes up because I have automatic updates switched off as I do it manually, Is there a way to stop this balloon tip??

Q2) Iv also got a network card installed into my PC but I dont have a network at all, and because the network card is installed in the taskbar I have an icon simialr to the internet connection icon instead this one has a cross through it as the network isnt connect, how can i remove this icon from the task bar??

Q3) I also have Nortons System Work 2003 installed, every time I do a “One Button Checkup” there is always this 1 error that never goes away of a missing file, I dont even know why I have this error as iv just re-installed windows. The missing file is ““C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Professional\RunTime\0701\Intel32\DotNetInstaller.exe” cannot access a necessary file, “mscoree.dll.”” Is there a way I can fix this, maybe delete the subfolder its in like “Intel32” or something???

Q4) Some security programs I use to keep my PC running smooth are Ad-Aware Pro SE, Nortons System Works 2003, Window Washer, Spybot 1.3, Spyware Blaster and a powertoy from Microsoft “TweakUI”. Are there any other great programs which are reconnmended that I should use as well??

Q5) Does any one have any other information for me on this topic??

If anyone could help answer just one of these questions it would be a great help and im sure it may also help other “Kirupians”. Ben