Fresh Harddrive - Question Time

Hi - Well after a few months of my old out dated P3 1000mhz, 512mb sdram, 64mb Geforce 4 and 20 gig harddrive, I have finally reformatted it.

After the reformatt re-installed Windows XP Pro, SP1 & SP2 along with other updates such as ad-aware, firefox etc. Its now running the best it has within years of having it. Although I still have a few questions about some things which maybe some people are able to help me with…

Q1) With SP2 installed from the CD sent by Microsoft, I was wondering how to remove that small “sheild” icon from the taskbar. Every time I log on to my computer the balloon above it pops up saying something like “Your computer isnt protect” it comes up because I have automatic updates switched off as I do it manually, Is there a way to stop this balloon tip??

Q2) Iv also got a network card installed into my PC but I dont have a network at all, and because the network card is installed in the taskbar I have an icon simialr to the internet connection icon instead this one has a cross through it as the network isnt connect, how can i remove this icon from the task bar??

Q3) I also have Nortons System Work 2003 installed, every time I do a “One Button Checkup” there is always this 1 error that never goes away of a missing file, I dont even know why I have this error as iv just re-installed windows. The missing file is ““C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Professional\RunTime\0701\Intel32\DotNetInstaller.exe” cannot access a necessary file, “mscoree.dll.”” Is there a way I can fix this, maybe delete the subfolder its in like “Intel32” or something???

Q4) Some security programs I use to keep my PC running smooth are Ad-Aware Pro SE, Nortons System Works 2003, Window Washer, Spybot 1.3, Spyware Blaster and a powertoy from Microsoft “TweakUI”. Are there any other great programs which are reconnmended that I should use as well??

Q5) Does any one have any other information for me on this topic??

If anyone could help answer just one of these questions it would be a great help and im sure it may also help other “Kirupians”. Ben

Q1: I hate SP2, so I didn’t install it.

Q2: Goto your Network Connections and disable the connection that’s showing up. Either that, or go into its properties and look for the “Don’t display this crap on the taskbar” or something similar to it.

Q3: Ditch Norton, go AVG:

Q4: Well, remember to Defrag your harddrive often, it improves performance, and other than that, refer to question 3.

Q5: I suggest you partition your harddrive into two virtual drives unless you have another harddrive already, that way, if a virus attacks or something messes up your C drive, and if you save all your important stuff on the partitioned, only C drive content will be lost.

Thanx - “Maxtr0sity” - Great help there - im currently downloading AVG, and im also going to do the harddrive partition, that would be very handy dandy…!! :smiley:

Q1: Go to Control Panel> Security Center, and there on the left is the Resources box. At the bottom of that, there should be something that says “Change the Way Security Center Alerts me” Uncheck the first box. That should make that stupid firewall thing go away forever. I was annoyed by this also.

Also, you should scan the other boxes to see if there is anything else that you don’t want it to alert you of.

to disable the “your computer isn’t protected” warning go to control panel and open security centre and then open the “change hopw security centre alerts me” or soemthing similar in the left hand column and then unslect anything that u don’t wanna see

Partitioning might erase what you’ve installed.

Yeah - Iv got a program which enables you to partition it with out losing what you have…so its all good :smiley:

why partition a 20gb drive? there is no point.

There is. I once had only a 20GB, I partitioned it 15/5 and it saved my *** multiple times.