Fresh web site!

Some people are doing cool stuff…
Have a look!!!

Hey genevievegrenie,
Wow that is really nice. The long loading time was well worth it. Did you create the animation?

Kirupa :o

We filmed FRED on a blue screen, then we export the movie in ADOBE streamline. After that, we took some sequences and insert them in FLASH (as vectors). HUMMM, a lot of work…

I hope you enjoyed!


Wow! That is awesome and also very original! I definetly see SOTW coming up!


Thanks for the compliments…
Maybe it can be good for a SWOT…
Who knows…


I’m in total agreement! Very clean, original and entertaining. SOTW material in my book!

thats anice site! very original i also see SOTW but dont listen to me lol

any way nice work keep it up. tell us any more great sites u might have up ur sleve:P

Hey genevievegrenie,
Congratulations! You are this week’s Site of the Week. No question there, and as everyone else mentioned, your site is truly one of a kind. I have never seen such a cool navigation and it is just great :slight_smile:

Here are the links for the graphics if you need them:

Kirupa :rambo:

That’s great !! So original too. Je suis complètement sur le cul, si tu me passes l’expression.

pom :asian:

Truly an original site, very, very good. But for a website it takes way to long to download, even for a flash site. And the preloader, just says loading, you have no way of knowing just how long your wait is going to be, and frankly, I was getting kind of worried on this end of a 56K dialup. I think the reason that you do not see more sites like this is the large file size that comes
with them. Please I do not intend to be mean, it is the best site I have ever seen, it is great. I am just speaking from a Dial up point of view.

Nice work, I can see you put a lot of hours into it, and thought out the details well.

All in all it is very entertaining, but I just cannot help but think of it as more of a multimedia presnetation/CD ROM than a Web site.



AWESOME site. great idea for a nav, having the guy go around and interact to bring it up. considering the content and site, loading times not too bad.

very clean, very original, GRRREAT

job well done, may be advise the user on the screen size. extremlly good