What do you guys think about my animation portfolio?

hey guys, ive been working on a better way to display my animations on my website. the file sizes are rather large so if you dont have broadband you may get discouraged. in anycase, im wondering what you guys think of my site so far as well as my animation page, how im displaying my work, loading time, etc.


i have broadband and i waited for the first one before i got impatient…you dont even have a preloader to tel ppl whats going on…

why have a pop-up? whats wrong with displaying the movie within the main flahs movie?

your main swf isnt centred to my browser which is kinda annoying

your splash took 6/7 seconds to download which shoudlnt be the case…how big is the file? and it doesnt really tie in with the stlye of the main content movie

the border of the main file does something weird in IE in the bottom right corner

i dont like the blue you have used + your preloader looks like a barbers pole to me

the email in contact section links nowhere

i dont like your logo, kinda dull

+ve, very nice smooth, clean transtitions between sections

i really like the photos in the bckgd, especially the one in contact section…

gallery is very nice, clean and works well.

i dont mean to be too negative, because your site has the potential to be very good and you clearly have skills

i hope you find what ive said helpful :beam:

Dude, your animation is grrrrrrreat!!! very well done. The site however, I agree with Billystar, is a bit lacking…Royal blue is really dated, pop videos are not the best way to do this… I think Billy pretty much summed it up, but perhaps a few ideas might help to let your obvious talent out…

Your illustration is awesome! Why not illustrate an interface? You can use sorenson source and squeeze / FLV flash video to deliver your movies in an area in your interface with streaming content … Wouldnt it be great if your interface was full of little quirky characters / animations all adding to the xperience of the user and bringing them into your wacky world of movement and humour?

Think outside the box. Hope that helps?

Hi there!

The mainpage loads for waaaay too long, try to compress the image a bit. Also I get a huge horizontal scrollbar on the mainpage with 1024 x 768.

Other than that it looks very nice!
btw, what pixelfont is it you used?

wow guys, tons of comments and critique! thats what i like to see. ill definately take everything into consideration. i think the biggest problem i have is getting everything to load quickly. i like what you said about my splash page not going with the rest of my “look” billy star. i think i will change it. as for my pop ups, i used to have my animations all embedded in a flash page but sorenson squeeze made it look all pixelated and there was a lot of banding. it seems like by loading the quicktime in a centered pop up im able to have much better resolution and a good load time too. id like to have a preloader for my quicktime but i have no clue how to do that.
pixi, i really appreciate what you had to say about the animation! i think your ideas are really cool about all the little characters. it almost seems like that will be a version 3 rather than an adjustment on the current site. ill definately keep it in mind! Also, all the print and illustration was done my gregory krumm, another artist who is part of creative juggernauts, not me, i just do the flash and the cel animation. and dear ferdi, thanks for your input about that horizontal scroll bar, i never noticed it before! ive decided that that splash page simply must go. as for my font, its a fff font called planeta. the pixel font i used in my news box on the root page is called standard and its by miniml. thanks again for all your great input!

wow, that animation is excellent stuff.

thanks again for the compliments! i see your location is in kentucky…im from harrodsburg originally, 45 mins south of lexington. what about you?

Thanks, Daniel! btw, what I forgot to mention is that I really dig your animations! They look awesome! Keep up the good work!

not sure if this had been said, but i really like ur background image on ur index page, but why dont u make go acrose the whole page?

Awsome transitions!

Preloader is pretty cool - but add it to al ur projects - theres a great tutoiral on this site for tranisition swfs - so u can stil get the effect u have here, but with a loading thing,

I know its not much, but i also like how u have _root instead of home (dont no why but i think thats cool lol)

great job, i like it alot

well thanks a lot for all the great critique. ive definately got some ideas on what i should rework and rethink. thanks for everything guys.