From $800 to $350 million in two weeks

I did a search to make sure this hadn’t been posted. Check this out, it’s pretty interesting: man from the future does great on Wall Street:


dood… maybe he’s telling the truth :beer:

I had this conversation with my two neighbours last night. I mean, how do we know what kind of technology they’ll have in 200 years from now. I say let the guy go, collect his 350 million, and if he comes back with some good news for the people(ie. Hiding place of Osama, cure for AIDS), then we’ll know. If he’s never heard from again, well, he’s not hurting anyone.

Wow :beam:
He should have travelled back when he had $300 million, I mean, another $50 million doesn’t make a big difference then :stuck_out_tongue:

Weekly World News will continue to follow this story as it unfolds. Keep watching for further developments.

And with the credibility of World Weekly News, it HAS to be true

I saw this a little while back (its over a year old now) i thought it was funny. Reading it again makes me wonder - how cool would it be if he isnt lying?

Thats a hell funny story…

Of course it’s true, the Chicken People told me so.

agreed. That would be quite awesome.
I wonder what other secrets he would know.

(mind you, he’s probably a lucky/unlucky crimial)

edit: what the hell? those two posts weren’t there a second ago. my post was refering to dippy’s post.

edit 2: wow - is that ever one full o’ **** tabloid.

Did you see the article about Sadaam and Osama’s gay wedding a while back? This tabloid is always good for some laughs lol.

Not looking forward to the offspring <shutters>