From scene to scene

Here’s the deal…

Scene1: preloader, when load is done, nextscene();

Scene2: One Frame, two movies. Text Movie flies in. Picture fades in. The both fade out.

Scene3: one Frame. One Movie

Problem… It never loads scene 3. I did nextscene();… I left it alone… I think I’ve tried everything…

Here’s the FLA… if you could pleas help I would greatly appreciate it.…awson2.fla


It gave me a hard time !!
First of all, nextscene doesn’t exist, but nextScene does, and I don’t recommend you to use that.
Secondly, no need to put it every where, because it won’t work any better. :smiley:
Lastly : how to make it work. In the movie that fades in and out : at the end of it, write

 _root.gotoAndPlay("end" );

** end** is a label that you are going to put in the first frame of scene 3.

This is the ONLY way to make this work, which is why I’d give you one piece of advice : try to learn how to load movies, it’s much more powerful.

Good luck

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yeah, nextScene I believe is depreciated. Unless you save the file as Flash 5.0, and set the publish settings on Flash 5.0, it wont work. I just had that problem the other day.

thank you guys. I tried to do the loadmovie and loadmovienum at one time…wasnt working for me. I will have to give it a more concentrated effort.

Your help is always appreciated.

I followed your directions…to a tee…

No can do.

It’s like it has no idea that the label exists. I wonder if it is an MX issue… havent tried in 5 yet… I almost dont want to find out.

Still not working. Any thoughts, or should I give up and try the loadmovie approach again?

Nope it’s not an MX issue… though I haven’t solved the problem yet. I still think it’s that nextScene issue.

A) in each scene, if you want the main playhead to stop and wait for the animations to complete, you’ll need to add a stop(); action to the main timeline.

B) try this in addition to the above advice. On the last frame of each animation use _root.gotoAndStop(“frameLabel”);

place frame labels on the first frame of scene 2 and 3. Then use that frame label in the above code.

I beleive that this should work for you. I’ve used this method many times in the past.

Oh, in addition, you can delete frame 3, all layers, on scene 1, you’re looping from frame 2 back to frame1, and in frame 1 it tells the play head to goto frame 3 when it is fully loaded. As long as you don’t add any frames to scene 1, frame 3 will always be the first frame of scene 2.