Front-End Web Dev Interview Prep

Hi, y’all!

My name is Joel and this will be my first post on here!

I have a Front-End Developer interview coming up, and I was wondering if anyone knows of good resources to prepare for it. I’ve never had an interview for a Front-End dev position, but rather a general technical interview where you solve a Leetcode-like problem.


Hi Joel :slight_smile:

A lot of this is company specific, and front-end is such a broad area. Have you asked your recruiter or similar contact on what areas they might like you to focus on? The job you are applying for may have some clues, especially if they are looking for someone with expertise in X and Y.

To answer your specific question, these resources may help:

Hope these help! Do reply back if there is anything here that you would like us to dive deeper into :diving_mask: