Frontpage and flash question

ok - now that I have figured out why my files were not uploading correctly ascii vs. bin I have a new problem - I want to use a graphic that I created in photoshop as a background image for my site - frontpage will allow you to do so - when I insert it and preview it in the browser it looks fine but when I update my files on the server and display it on my site - the jpeg/background image does not show up - but if I use a color out of the color palette as a background color in frontpage it shows up - confused

hmm… you’re going to have to play around with it a little. The only reason something wouldn’t show up is if you didn’t upload the image to the correct location.

I can tell you that the thing I always screw up when doing things like that is the path to the image. Check the path in front page to make sure that it says “relative to document”… it may say, “relative to site root”. Which is ok on some servers, but in other situations it just doesn’t work well.