Frontenders Unite!

So…we have front-end developers and front-end designers. While these are two distinct groups, it seems like there is more in common between them than not. They both deal with the UI (aka what you see) and less on the behind-the-scenes magic. Their primary languages are HTML, CSS, and JS. Some of the developers might dabble in UI-tools like Sketch, Framer, etc. Some of the designers might go deep into writing complex JavaScript or building React components to aid in turning their ideas into pixels.

Having two different terms for essentially the same group seems a bit odd, right? Calling them front-end developers seems like it would alienate designers. Calling them front-end designers seems like it would alienate developers. Why not have a completely new title instead? I was thinking of frontender. There are a few uses of it on the internet to essentially refer to what I’m going for, and it captures the wide variety of roles that play a part in building out the front-end experience for a site or app.

What do you all think?


Are there also… rearenders?


Yeah. Insurance companies love them :drum:

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I don’t think the concept you’re talking about is new at all. (Which shouldn’t be surprising given Everything old is new again.)

As @senocular noted, I think all you’re doing is noting the difference between the front and the back, not unlike the pivot in Quicksort or similar:

Haha! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll use frontenders more throughout the site as referring to designers and developers who work in HTML/CSS/JS!

I posted a poll on Twitter about this:

But aren’t you supposing that “front-end developers” and “front-end designers” are already exclusive of the other and don’t work for this definition? Wouldn’t they then not be considerations for poll options?

It’s only my opinion that they don’t fit this definition :frowning:

I think most companies (based on job descriptions!) go with one or the other as their title for the human being (or smart :koala:) that performs those front-end tasks.

I gotcha :wink:

Did you ever happen to talk with this MS comrade about it?