FsCommand Help plz!

Hey Im trying to get my Swf File to Load My Flash Mini Button Site this is mY code…

fscommand(“SHELLOPEN” , “C://WINDOWS.DESKTOP + New Site.exe”

Maybe it wont load because Im putting it on the frame I have no idea what i must do to get this to work!
Please help me ~~~~~~~Jereth Miller

few things are going wrong,

  1. maybe shellopen isnt an activeX, javasxript or whatever fscommand it can be…
  2. your path, i believe, is wrong, since windows uses backslashes\ instead of slashes/ (or the other way around, whatever)

well see ive tried this also - fscommand(“exec”, “Yahoo! Messenger.exe” well if you could be of any help and show me the example to open up My yahoo messenger trhough fscommand Id appreciate it…BTW! Shellopen was used in one of these tutorialson another site
so i didnt know

Only to open the program(Messenger) or send a new message?


Open a new empty message:
on (release) {
getURL(“mailto:”, “_parent”);

launch the program:
on (release) {
fscommand(“exec”, “launcher.bat”);
u must make a file.bat and place the right path inside.

Would I make the yahoo messenger a .bat file?

lol i figured what Your talkign about by making a bat file but listen
this is the code I am using and nothin is happening

fscommand(“exec”, “C:\Desktop\ + ball.bat”);

ball = The .bat file I created

check the command line inside the ball.bat file is correct?

I make one and run, try, put the ball in the same level (directorie) as ur swf and inside the ball u have the full path c:\windows…

could you give me the full example using this example file “Ball.bat” put it into exactly how I should put it if you could please im doing something wrong

by the way im finding out the directory by right clicking on my icon yahoo messenger and looking at locations…is that right?