Full Spectrum Warrior - Any fans?

Hey guys,
gh0st and I have just bought FSW and my god, this game is so amazing online, and single player. Teamwork and strategy are the main factors of this game. If you liked Ground Control or Warcraft (any strat game) you’ll love this!

Some people say the gameplay is horrible, becuase you control your units, like any other strat game.

If you have xbox, and/or xbox live, check this title out!

Hes not lying the game is very fun. As realistic as it gets, meaning you get to use real professional strategy used the the army. I suggest anyone to get it but mainly if they have a friend to play co-op over xbox live. Its hard to find a game or a good teamate who talks to you when you play with random players. If that is the case just play single player which is still very fun :thumb:

I think the reason I didn’t like is just that: that it’s a strategy game. Not much fun, for me at least, telling your troops what to do and let them have all the fun. It’s just not what I was expecting. :td:

Thats what I thaught at first but once I got started, I was wrong. Its real good even though you dont aim. Its a change from the usual run n’ gun type of game :wink:

I love this game. Haven’t played it much lately though. I’m down if anyone would like to play sometime.


Its not for all people, but I like it :love:

this game is just awesome. The graphics are great, the way you control your units. Definetaly check it out.

Just bought the game!!! Already on Mission 5, so addicting!

Anyone want to play. Add me to their friends list:


Yeah i first played this game and thought man this game sucks then i gave it a change and man its like an army rpg game, im on level6 now and its very challenging and its just fun i dont know how online play is but i can imagine it must be just as fun, great game check it out.

Bah I just heard from a close friend that this game is not worth actually buying.
I think it makes sense too, once you beat all the missions, then what? You can just do them over… But oh well, I love it. Telek, I accepted your friend request, go on sometime, I want to play bro!