Funny thing for all

head over there and wotch the video, its halarious. Majority of you being american i persume it wont offend anyone.

cred goes to vts for finding it.

have fun

Nice, good ending!

ahahhaahhahahaah…tooo funny!!..NICE artwork by the way.

i was about to puke before i saw the ending =]

kewl… nice art… i personally hate those people that say no to war… but anyways =] as long as they are hiding guns =]

Very funny. Good job:)

yeah halarious :>


but ya know whats even funnier, you lot complimenting me when i didnt make it :slight_smile: wish i did but i didnt

sorry folks

? we know u didnt do it… we are basically stating facts… geze… SOMEONE’s got a big head… =] j/k

HAHAHA…Yeah. Some one gave me the link and i sent it to a bunch of people. Although some thought i had made it. lol

Haha, that is hilarious!