Gaining speed in movies

ok i have a question again…

why is it when i make a movie that has too many movements a lag sometimes occurs or if not, the speed isn’t as fast as if there was just one movement happening in the first place?? i’ve heard somewhere that sometimes, the key is in lessening the file size or something like optimizing graphics…

help me out please people.


:q: super clueless :q:

:frowning: Kate

OK, I haven’t understood the end of your message, but it is true that if Flash has too many things to do in the same frame, it will slow down (slower than the frame rate you specified) and maybe even drop frames. What exactly are you trying to do?

pol :cowboy:

:frowning: i just want to know how to speed up the whole thing without dividing the speed among the animations. i noticed that if you put just one animation it goes on smoothly when you tried to add more, the speed divides among the animations in that sequence and the whole thing slows down. this doesn’t happen in shockwave as i’ve noticed in what i’ve seen…

can you help me out on how to do this?? i mean speeding it all up… :q: