Gallery thumbs wont load/php?

Hey there. I just cant seem to figure this out myself and my host hasnt returned any of my emails for 3 days now so if anybody has any ideas I’d sure be happy to hear them.

Im trying to get the imageVue gallery working but the thumbnails and the side window scroller wont load? If you click on the main area however, the full picture will load and you can scroll through the images, but still no thumbs. The gallery uses flash with php and xml scripts. All my other scripts have run fine on this server so Im stumped?

I tried it on a friends account with this same host, still wont work, but it works fine on a different hosting plan I have elswhere. Im just wondering if there is anything I can do on my end or if I just wait for support to eventually get around to me. The test link Ive put below says everything is good, except for the little arrow your supposed to see, which I cant.

This is the location I have it at:
This is the server test that comes with the gallery:

Here is the demo imagevue gallery for those who havent seen it:

Oh and I am not using progressive jpegs. Just wanted to be clear on that. :slight_smile:
Almost forgot. The host is if anyone is familiar with them.