Game Designers..Paying $$$ For Your Games

Hi, im looking for game designers who have games already developed. These games don’t necessarily have to be great games, they could have been sitting on your harddrive for ages doing nothing but obviously the quality of the game will reflect on the price I pay for it. The games I choose will have to have my logo at the first scene linking back to my site, also one more button linking to my site. These games will be added to my site and also made available for download off my site for other webmasters to add to there site. These games will be seen by ALOT of people so you can leave a link back to your site so you’ll benefit from that as well. I don’t need to edit any of the source of the game all i will need is the .swf files and a small picture file if you have one. The pay will be between $50-$800 depending on the game itself.
If you are interested please reply or pm me your email or msn address to talk further. Thankyou