Game Tutorials

OK, this “shiznizzle” stuff has to be an American thing, hasn’t it? Because I’ve got no bloody idea what you’re all on about!

Here we use plain speaking, simple words, like “it’s the dogs bllcks” to say something is cool. :slight_smile:

But I’d say RPG type stuff. I’ve always wanted to do the characters and design for one of those…

iam attempting to make my footer playable, but havent really figured out how,

playamarz , you might be intrested in making a little game like that. iam guessing it something to do with hit states and keypress actions, any help will be appreciated

Yeah actually… I think I could make a quick and easy set of codes for you to use with that bro… :slight_smile:

Send me the .fla and I’lls ee what I can whip up for you :slight_smile:

Kitiara… it’s the dog’s ballocks? lol… Well anyways… shiznizzle… Skizzle… And stuff like This stuff is the coolizzle! Are just stupid expressions used when you don’t feel like saying… THis is fantabulous!

lol And I’ll be posting lotsa rpg stuff… Right now I’m working out a way to create a world map out of isometric views.

Peace Out

Well I voted in High Demand… :slight_smile:

Not for me, but they are by others.

Yeah kool, here is the footer.fla

thanx dude

Hey the first one you should do for tutorials.
Is an absolute One course car game.
People been needing to know how to make a car game forever.
Espically on
They are always asking for CARAI and how to mak’em move and how to do checkpoints and laps.

Well… This is what I had planned… lemme see if you guys agree or not…

I do a game tutorial every week. The week before I do the next tutorial… You guys vote on a list of 4 options… The most popular one… I write then… Doesn’t mean I won’t write em all… This way the cool ones get done first…

BTW… I’m also working on getting multiplayer action working… But that’ll take about 2-3 months to complete…

Peace Out

Sounds really interesting playamarz :wink: Can’t wait to see them!

Kirupa :beard:
Make it simple,dumb it down,please.

I have found out that most developers are not teachers.Do not assume that the student knows every step on “how to”,or that they should know. Take [COLOR=orangered]more[/COLOR] than the same amount of time and precision as** you** would need to learn something.

Thanks for this mini-rant.


These are probably some of the best game tutes on the net, jt :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t accept criticism concerning outsideofsociety, sorry.

pom :crazy:

Telling that these have to be the only game tutorials I’ve actually found on the net… Well… have seen that is… it porbbaly would be the best…

I’m hoping to have a massive collection not rivalling but contributing to most of everything.

And Yes… I plan on going more in depth with my tutorials… Explaining all of the code that I place in it and why I put it there as well…

The first game tutorial I’m putting up and it’s gonna be done either tonight or tomorrow is:

(fmx) Destructable Terrain (turret game)

Thanks Everyone

yeah, hi,

you said you were gonna write a tutorial last year, so could you do it now?

if you could make an tutorial on how to make an speedometer and possibly how to make gear shifts i would be your slave for eternity :tb:


Make some!!!

Always keen to learn…any help would be fantastic.



if anyone’s interested here’s some cool flash games:

I have some games on my site.
Not too great, but you can check them out at
Some suck.
Some suck less.:beam:

If you want game tutorials goto It’l be quick than waiting for playamarz to make and post em (no offense). I’m currently working on a few games myself and would be happy to answer any questions you have

Hi =] I’d really be interested in game tutorials. I really think a multiplayer game ( ie stuff like dinky bomb or tankmania, cosmic encounters…) would be a great project.
I would really like to hear from Playamarz and anyone else who could explain some of the basics of such games…XMLSockets, time based turns, how to coordinate and share data amongst the different players, etc.
cheers =]