How can you go about making games in flash? What are some lines of action script to help you with this? These 2 questions may sound dum but i would like to know how to create cool flash games and also here comments about what people think about the questions.\r\rzion ^.^

ok well, first things first…If you are asking these questions then you are obviously new to Flash. So I suggest you try some of the tutorials on this site and others to get a general feel for the program. Then the steps to creating a game are as follows:\r\r1) Think up a concept for the game.\r\r2) Define the rules and overall Idea of how you want the game to go. \r\r3) Design the game.\r\r4) Program and add additional animations.\r\r\r\r"some lines of actionscript" are not going to allow you to create a game. Because “some lines of actionscript” can do very different things in very different situations.\r\rEverything depends on what kind of game you want to create…the only limit you have is your imagination, so start thinking and then ask questions here when you get stuck. However, be warned, that if you have a question check the tutorials section first, and if a tutorial is similar to the effect that you want to create, then do that tutorial and if you have more questions then post. Because if you do have a question the first thing we will do is point you to the tutorial. Check other sites like for other tutorials first too because they have some things that this site does not…

Check out a tutorial on and you’ll learn something.