Hey how can i make a game in flash

how can i make a game in flash .\rthanks please tell me

hey can any one help

Hey jaythebookerb19,\rDo you have a more specific area of gaming that puzzles you? Creating a game in Flash is a very broad topic. Usually, game programming requires a certain degree of knowledge in scripting ActionScript. Try focusing on a certain topic, and I’m sure many people in here would be willing to help you out!

Thats what you(Kirupa) should do put game trutorials on your site !? Just a thought.\r

That’s a very good idea. I’ve recently seen Tetris in Flash… Amazing.\rpom

Hey sodium & ilyaslamasse,\rI’m planning on putting game tutorials on my site. I have been trying to create several games with the intention of making them into tutorials. Right now, I’m working tirelessly to move the site to the new design. Once that is done, creating a game is my next target!\r\rCheers,\rKirupa

Sweet!\r\r -ha!

does any one have any ways to make a flash that people can aim me and email me …\rwith one flash

I’d like everybody to work on it, because it’s beginning to seriously PISS ME OFF !!!\r\rpom