General Opinion and Impressons of Swift3D

I’ve been viewing the tutorials and been considering purchasing the new 4.5 for OS X. I was curious if anyone has used this application a lot and could recommend it?

I heard a lot of issues with X and 4.0 and was curious if they were fixed much in the new release. I know it’s very new and probably hasn’t been abused by anyone much but I was just curious if it had gotten more stable.

I want to get into it mainly so I could create some interesting 3D interfaces and transitions, and at $288 with Swift3D Express, or $229 stand alone it’s an affordable product. I simply can’t afford to shell out what other 3D Modeling applications on the macintosh platform cost, and I only work with legally licensed software.

That brings me to one other final question. Is it worth it to spend the extra on Express? From what I read all it does is allow you to make 3D text in Flash natively without the use of Swift 3D. Does it have other uses that I’m overlooking?

One last thing to note is that I have no prior 3D experience to speak of. I had two months of 3DMax in college but that was almost 4 years ago now and I haven’t touched the program since.

I just downloaded the evaluation version off the website and plan on giving it a good long look and go through many of the tutorials before making a decision, however I wanted to get the opinion of others as well to better help assist my decision.