General Questions

ok, TWO quick questions here:

  1. I use to have a stand alone .swf player. When ever I’d hit a .swf, the flash file would just ‘show up’. NOW, with this stupid windows XP here I get this dialog box instead (see attached)
    How can I get the flash files to play alone like they did before? I have a player for browser windows/the internet, but I can’t play one of 'em on my desktop!

  2. I see a lot of cool components that are available for Flash MX now. I have no problem installing the .fla files, but some of the components have the extention “.mxp” and when I install those, it blows up flash. How are .mxp’s installed as components?!

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

most component files are .mxp u need to get the macromedia extension manager to install them here is a link

its around there sumwhere
also if u go to my website using the footer below ive got loads of components because my site is for them even though it only says dw extensions give it a whirl



actually, that’s how this whole question started–I was at your site and noticed the .mxp names as I was downloading them…too funny

thanks bro