Updating nVidia drivers

Hello :slight_smile:

I recently bought Command & Conquer Generals and Command & Conquer Generals - Zero Hour. When starting Zero Hour and viewing the options menu, the game turned all red (some red overlay), and the graphics got distorted.

I’m using an GeForce 5 FX 5200 and Windows XP Home SP1 with the latest nVidia drivers: 53.03. I heard some rumors that these drivers aren’t really optimal, and I should try to use an older, stable version of the drivers, somewhere among 45.xx. My question is: how ?

I have an idea about it but I want confirmation that this is correct before I start changing stuff. I think I have to uninstall the current drivers through the device manager, then reboot, and windows should detect new hardware and ask for drivers. But since nVidia’s drivers are all .exe files and not the files themselves, how can I specify the drivers here ? I don’t think Windows will accept the exe file containing the drivers …

This is what I’m mainly unsure about: do I have to cancel the Windows installation, get into windows and then execute the nVidia .exe file containing the drivers ? That would make sense, but I’m still unsure. Is this the correct way ? And also, has any ever experienced this red overlay in Zero Hour ? Thanks :slight_smile: