Get Url Problem ... Action Script

Im not sure what is going on with this button i have . You can find a layout with the page at

The Forum button is supposed to link to This is the link i put in the action script for that button. But Everytime i do a publish preview or i upload it and check the stupid thing links it to

This is not even a valid link. Why is it not changing to what i put in the action script ? its driving me nuts. HELP PLZ

hmmm… I seem to have this problem every now and again. Not sure what causes it. Keep playing with it though… it’s solvable. I know because I keep solving mine when it happens. I just don’t remember what it is that I do to solve it. (sorry for being so oblique… but at least you know you’re not crazy.)

I don’t have Flash 5, and I have never experienced this problem. So why am I posting? I have no clue, but I figured I would give this a whirl. I know a lot of times the www in front of something can effect a link, so maybe try putting your link as…

Yeah… I always add the http:// at the beginning now. It has a couple of problems that crop up when you don’t… at least in 5.0.

a lot of times if you don’t add http:// servers read it as an extension to your site.

For example on my site if i had a link saying and clicked the link it would come up and, which is obviously an error.

so adding http:// is crucial, and sometimes www is also.

Trust me if it was that easy of a mistake, i would not have posted here. I always put http:// infront of the links in actionscript , i think you have too.

FUnny thing is i fixed it. I just deleted that button and put in a new one. I think it was actually corrupted some how. Thanks for the replies though , its appreciated. Now if only someone can explain how i can start an intro movie with a screen shot from ingame. i know how to import and all that, but how would i get flash to make it look like i am a camera man going from the left to the right and doing animations . Still new to me :frowning:

Not sure exactly what you mean there.

Lets say you have a large screen shot from a game. The screen shot contains buildings or houses in background , some vehicles in the forground , maybe a tank or a plane. And then you have people standing in front of the vehicle.

This could be one small scene from the movie , Make believe this is the set, now i want the small flash movie box just to view a portion of this set, starting on the left side and slowly sliding to the right to capture the rest of the people and the vehicles . If i can get started on that i could atleast have a starting point to work with for an intro movie. Its supposed to mimic a camera man in real life shooting a scene on a set and going left to right with the camera … ANyone know what i should do ?

You can just use tweening to make it come in. Just have it tween in behind a mask so it looks cleaner.

EXAMPLE HERE - I left a “jagged” edge so you can see where it ends and starts again.

I would post a .fla, but I use MX, so you wouldn’t be able to open it:(