Getting more traffic to a blog?

I, like many fellow Kirupians run a weblog. And I am having the infamous problem of not attracting many visitors to my site. Pretty much the only people who read my blog reqularly are close friends. So I’m asking how do you get more visitors to a blog? What do you guys do to get more visitors? Is it the same as any other website?

I am also having trouble getting listed on google. My site is listed on nearly every other popular search engine but despite all my efforts google will not list it. I remember back when I first started google indexed my site but then it suddenly stopped and won’t list it again. The googlebot hits my page over a hundred times a month yet I am still not listed. Any ideas as to why this is?

blogs are usually boring IMO, i mean who really cares what you do every day, i usually read them once and never go back…but maybe thats just me…

i agree with mac… i mean who cares about problems of someone you don’t or barely know? there’s a reason it’s only you’re close friends… the only other people i would expect are those 60 year old men that pretend to be 20 year old women… who want to learn about your life…

but seriously… i don’t think i could ever read a blog done by my best friends regularily, nevermind some stranger on the web. just MO though…

  1. you either have to be really funny and entertaining, ex: or 2. you have to be helpful in some way, like css stuff, ex:

btw, read both regularly

If I wanted to post about my day or my problems I would have started a live journal or a xanga. If you read my blog you would notice that I very rarely talk about everything I did that day. If I do talk about my day 99% of the time I will pick something I did that day that will be the topic of my entry and the entry will be on my thoughts, feelings, or whatever of that expirence.

To get more traffic you have to write about more interesting stuff. I think that is the main thing for blogs. It would be hard to come up in search engines somewhere that someone might find your site. Best way to get traffic is to make it interesting and that is what sparks the growth.

P.S. This sentence is really kind of funny without proper punctuation:
“Today after we went out to eat my sister wanted to stop buy CompUSA to buy a cooking program so that she could store all her recipes digitally”

omg that sentence is terrible isn’t it. Thanks for pointing that out Ethan. It should be fixed now.

I don’t think you need the comma after today, but the sentence was pretty bad if you read it the way I did first.

I guess I added my own punctuation 'cause I did not get that at all… try and be funny

Not sure what you just said BP, but without the comma is read…

Today after we went out to eat my sister…

I meant for the blog to be funny, and I read it like you went to eat with your sister, so I did add my own punctuation when reading it :P, that’s great, I like

hahaha, dirty minds…i like it.

hrmm…join :lol: