Gimli - VSCode extension - visual tools for front-end developers

Hope this is ok to post here, I thought some may find it interesting.

The concept of being an extension inside of VS Code is pretty nice. Many apps and hosted services are coming forth, but this extension approach inside an editor seems somewhat unique. At $29 for a two year license it seems pretty cheap also. I just hope the developer can reach their funding goals allowing them to continue and make it a reality.

Any thoughts? :thinking:

I dig it. It seems like a natural progression for VSC.

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Seems really nice!

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Thanks for the response guys. I agree, help spread the word (social, etc), fearing without funding it may stall based on the faqs in the kickstarter.

Since I started working on Gimli about 18 months ago, i’ve pretty much lived on my own savings. And those saving are starting to run out. The amount i’m asking for is basically the absolute minimum amount to get this thing out the door so to speak.

Also, if I can’t reach that goal I don’t think there are enough interest in something like this to begin with. My time would therefore be better spent doing something else.

So far I believe only a fraction of its capabilities are being shown, and already it looks really promising and open regarding workflow and possibilities.

@kirupa, get your former MS colleagues to socialize it or see if someone will Sponsor it. :wink:

Or not, I guess the raccoon jumping does seem more web related. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :raccoon:

I did ping a few colleagues (who worked with me on visual tooling for web developers) to look into it. I didn’t post it on Twitter (or any social media) since I am also the PM owner of a team that does tooling for designers/developers and didn’t want any conflict of interest :business_suit_levitating: :card_file_box:

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Ah yes conflicts, darn those things, thanks for pinging the peeps! :wink:

Oh no.

:disappointed_relieved: :sob:

:weary: That does not sound very good.

It looks so promising, almost like a modern version of Blend for Visual Studio, but in VSCode. I wish the VSCode marketplace allowed for selling extensions, I think they did at one point but that didn’t last very long.

I feel with Gimli its more about lack of exposure, as it looks like an awesome extension.