Give me an honest review

Hi guys

my new site is up… please take a look
give me comments, critics, constructive feedback… or anything you want to say.

this is the link:

thank you very much
I really appreciate it


very nice, I like how you layed things out, very organized. The only suggestion I can add is that you should have some kind of transition play between the sections, right now it just jumps back and forth. Some type of transition would make it more smooth.

That’s about all I can add, all your graphics are clean and the reflections is a nice touch. Good job. =)


I like your style :-). The site manages to transfer your “aura” to the user quite successfully, especially with some of the sound tracks.

I would have liked to see some transitions when clicking on the menu buttons, but its also nice like this.

I especially like the rollover effect in the Portfolio section (where the background and the foreground of the trees interchange). Thats quite genius. You should do that with more sections

I also liked the sea background with the birds as the startup page.

It has style :slight_smile:

Good job.

thanks, that’s really a good point, will working on some transitions right away.

thanks alot Valor :slight_smile:
yes, just like Electrogeek said, it needs more transitions.
I will work on that right away.

thanks guys for the feedback, really appreciate it.


well to touch on something that hasn’t been talked about id say add some rollovers to ur main links. heh thats about it. the site is amazing. i love the dots at the top and all the lines and its just nice. keep it up :).

No these guys have it wrong…
You got to look at what the site is designed for and it is the showcase of your abilities. I think the previous posts mentioned genuis but I will not go that far. I look at it from a marketing view and try to erase in my mind what I know about flash and I say to myself this: what a delicious site!
How you use transitions is the key. You take the weaknesses inherent in the system and make them strengths here. From expert to novice anyone who stumbles into this will be impressed. I certainly am!
I am on 56k and I waited to download all 3 songs. Took forever! Yet somehow I thought is was worth it.

Hi Rynoe…
Thanks for your kind comments :slight_smile:

ah yes, that does make sense…
I’m thinking that’s a good idea.

Anyway, thanks for your comments… more comments are very welcome here… please don’t hesitate… if you should say something that would probably not sound “nice” , please spit it out.
I develop myself thru a “harsh” critics for the past 2 years, so please do let me know your honest review.

Thank you guys!
I really appreciate it.

I really like you site. It is very nice and clean. I also like the idea that you load the other tracks while playing the first track. Keep up the good work.:cowboy:

Nice and Clean site, though it does take a little long with a > 56K.
But I like the design very well.

i definitely like the pshop work! nice and soft with the effects and
the use of layers. it’s definitely the strong suit of your site, and
that’s the most important part. You just need to improve the
flashy parts!

Nothing I say is different than anyone else, so we all are
consistant at least. :stuck_out_tongue:


hee nice birds and clouds effect at the start…
unlike valor, i don’t quite think that rollover effect cuts it, tho :-\ maybe if u put in more of it then it’ll do
nice site on the whole, good layout:)

Really cool !!
Nice layout… :slight_smile:
I really liked the one where u have the BG blurring on mouse movement… on ur portfolio… Cheers ::

its pretty neat what fonts you using

touch everything up and then submit for SOTW :slight_smile:

I think it might do good…

not saying you’ll WIN, 'cuz we usually have lot’s of cool sites… but it’d be a worthy contestant…!

i like it :slight_smile:

thanks guys for your comments and input…

ioface I’m using FFF inteligence for pixel font

just add a transition between pages.

Well I haven’t bothered to read all the comments the otherz made(shame on me)
but two things

  1. ur geese/ducks/swans whatever or moving in the opposite direction…it’s like they’re flying backwards:beam:
  2. the muzik is sweet but perhaps u should try to fade it out cuz now it just stops before looping again…it’s not really nice:)

overall conclusion:
■■■■ i wish i could make that kinda site!!!:frowning:

oh sorry I have to edit my previous msg… I see what you mean, yes to make it fade out would be really nice… I will definitely do as your suggestion because it’s a good point… I’m working on my new v.2 twin site right now, lot’s of transitions inside, and definitely I will make the music fade out for my new website.

thanks alot

really cool :A+:

the only thing i can complain is the lack of content, other than that :A+:

Cheers :bounce: