Please critique my site

Hi guys,
I just got my portfolio site set up and thus, need your comments desperately. My site about 70% done with no sound and music yet. Tell me what you like and don’t like about my site and which area I can improve in. Below is the URL to my site…

[SIZE=1]Link removed…will be reposted for 2nd round of critique…[/SIZE]


GOOD! I love the animation and transitions… only thing I would change is the colors. Change the stock blue to somthing else.

Keep it up!

royal blue is REAL tough to pull off, so i’d try to find two blues that compliment each other better. i’d get rid of that checkered pattern on the bg too.

i like the quick white outline of the person in the contact section.

its a nice site u got there, I like the drag and drop film-roll, u should change ur font in ur buttons and in ur content, its hard to read, also, the edges of the 3 guys that appear at the beginnng are a little pixelated

I like the animation, but it looks like you need a class on color man. Got some hard-core “Eye Candy ©” bevels going on. Try doing it in photoshop with some cleaner lines. Nice animation though.

Thank you all for your comments. I’ll change the colors to something nicer, but meanwhile, keep your comments coming. Yeah, got to agree with most of you that I have got some poor eyes for color, so I’ll really appreciate it if somebody (if possible) could suggest a nice color scheme that I can use on my site. If you can do that for me, I’ll be real thankful. Hope that I’m not asking for too much.

Really nice site, good transitions.

I would like to see some preloaders used for some “exibits”, and as perhaps the use of some photorealistic images, instead of blue gradients everywhere.

You’ve got some excellent flash skills there, keep up the good work

Thanks for your compliment. You mentioned that I need some preloaders for the exhibits section but I think I’ve preloaded everything there is to preload on that page.
Maybe you can point out to me the parts that I’ve missed out. Thanks

You guys are alway way to nice. Hmmm… alright here we go

  1. Again, to many fonts, limit to 1 or 2 and the only one that I would suggest using is the one you have for you actual news text or the contact font. Get rid of all the others.

  2. Get rid of the “trendwhore” grid thing, almost looks like it supposed to be a graph paper or something.

  3. Can’t see your e-mail addres on that grid.

  4. Color hurt the eyes.

  5. Gradients are real bad.

  6. One thing I was expecting that didn’t happen, you do the whole line tracing thingy with your images. After it got done tracing the vector I was expecting an actual picture to come in after that. I know it’s been done only vector b4 but something in your site made me think that was gonna come after it. Maybe something to think about.

  7. Layout is a good, safe, and common design. Site has potential. Transitions are real nice… you just need to do a lot of cosmetic work.

OK…a lot of u mentioned about the gradient thingy. Just like to know if u guys are referring to the 2 panels that reside at the top and bottom of the page, or the color of the monitors in the first page?

why is there volume control if theres no sound?

on your profile page, the robot looks rushed, maybe add some stuff to it or re-do it.

the colors…i love blue, my fav color! try using something less muted.

i’d say both gradients, but especially that news monitor thing on the first page. mostly b/c royal blue gradients very rarely look good.

Well…sound will come later…looks and feel is the priority now. The robot looks rushed? Pardon me but it looks alright to me…in fact, I find it a bit slower than normal now that it’s been encap in the html. Maybe I was wrong…So does any1 else out there thinks that the robot looks rushed too?

You also mentioned that I shld use something less muted. Pardon me again but what do u mean by less muted?

Thanks for your comments

IC…Thanks for your comments. I’ll change the gradient as soon as I can.

i too like the drag and drop film reals under the exhibits category, but i was dissapointed that you do not provide links to the games that you have… Are the links there, and i am just not seeing them, or what??

i was ready for some ‘Urban Challenge’… Against all odds looks prretty good, too…

Nope, haven’t implemented those links yet but trust me…those things will come later…Do you have any comments for the design? I mean anything which I can improve in?

well, the background appears right away, and then the two elements slide in… id work on animating all of objects, and give them all flashy transitions…

i like the menu buttons, and the rollover links in the bottom left hand corner… i guess i’d just work on making more things interactive, like making rollover effects for the navigation menu buttons…

also, the blue grid is a bit overdone, but it would be cool if you could use a simple, subtle gradient background and then in certain sections, unroll the blue-grid background, like it was blueprint paper (the profile section with the robot would be ideal for this)…

Ditto on the too many fonts comment…

ok thanks…

what i mean is something less vibrant, this is too much for the eyes…something darker, more calming…


The reason that I used royal blue as my bg is that I’ve already used a dark navy blue for most of the objects in the website (the 3 human figures in the first page, the upper and bottom panels etc…) and black for my page color. Therefore, I figured that using a lighter shade of blue for the bg will create a contrast and that the whole website will not look too dark. Obviously I was wrong as most people here find it too overwhelming…LOL…Looks like I have to heed ur advice and change to a darker shade of blue…or shld I change it to a completely new color ?