Gizmodo is getting out of hand

I feel like just shutting down the battle. The accusations and disgruntled *** -wipes are just rolling in. Check the post if you dont believe me. I may ban Rajvashi…straight to perm ban no temp.

too late I banned him…Cant have new booties come over and directly disrespect myself and the integrity of the board. If I was wrong feel free to unban him

I actually think it’s a good idea to dump the battle… or atleast contact gizmodo and make him withdraw the prize, I’m positive all the f*ckers will dissapear then :slight_smile:

think about how ugly this battle will be further along :-/

I just don’t think it’s worth it…

it also came to my attention that it is rumored that some have signed up 2x in hopes they can get 2 entries. K could you check the IP’s on the entrants? Or can mods do that too?

I agree that the prize should be removed.

so we already have cheaters, whiners and bashers… because of a stupid mp3 player???

geez :stuck_out_tongue:

I say we ask gizmodo to withdraw it… again… :slight_smile:

I replied and hopefully that may settle things down for a bit. Abandoning the contest now is like giving in to those who want to see this contest fail in the first place. Let’s fight it through - we can handle a few flies such as raj who feel that this forum owes him more than what he has earned…or not earned :slight_smile:

EDIT: DDD - I think you can search for IP addresses of the suspected individuals through your Admin CP.

This is exactly why I decided not to participate. Though I really want that MP3 player, I don’t feel like dealing with everyone for a contest i’m most likely going to lose anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

People get way too competitive over such trivial things. It’s kind of sad. This contest should be fun!

Yeah - im staying out of that thread as much as possible until i submit :hangover:

just went throught that thread, man people just got get it do they, got nasty in there too quick, its a shame cause it puts a bad name to the forums. oh well… i agree with the banning.

stay strong Nathan! :wink:

Haha, exactly the same here ! :smiley: