Going to 7 eleven. want anything?

well yes i am really boerd. lol so i am going to 7 eleven. any body want me to bring something back:)

*did you know!?
they call it 7 eleven becuzz when it 1st came out. they opened at 7 and closed at eleven.:slight_smile:

Yeah, bring me back a 7up which I hate.

Useless info much like idoik’s:
they call it 7up because it originally came in seven ounce bottles, and the “up” portion refers to the direction the bubbles moved.


this is now the offtical 7 thread:)

yes i would like a bag of beef jerky and a Monster Energy drink. O yeah and throw in some salsa flavored sunflower seeds and a few packs of pop rocks;)

thanks man:)

I’ll have an orange slushie thing.

wait, sorry - 7 of them!

i just got back:P well sorry slowroasted i was gone before u made the post

“ahaha may way of getting out of things”

also did u make that avatar. its so cute:) i wanna know if i can use it for something . always gotta ask permission:)

get me some dwarves…just however many they have…

****, just more than 6 seconds too late

Crap gets in truck and goes to 7 eleven

no i didnt make it, i got it from animated gifs paranoia so sure you can use it hehe

Bawls Guarana and Donuts please. I’ll pay ya tomorrow. :smirk:

Hmmm, so if they’re open 24 hours, why are there locks on the doors? :huh:

Oooooo 7-11 is the nuts!

here is a little diagram showing the closeness of my house to a 7-11

[center]H - 7
[size=1]Diagram where H represents my house and 7 represents the 7-11[/size]

My condo complex borders a 7-11. It is literally a 40 second walk across the parking lot. What makes it even better is that that sell beer. The thing that makes it even better than that is they dont stop selling beer to 11:45PM and are open 24 hours a day.

I seriously start and end my day with 7-11

Did you know that 7 is the most random number?

If you ask a number of people to select a random number, 7 will be the one selected the most times.

I dont know if I have any desire to eat or drink anything coming out of the nuts.

I’ll pass on the offer, thanks


they have locks on their doors for when the cashier has to go in the back room to do something and he is the only one there. when they happens they lock the doors while they go to the back room.

:z: You knew what I meant man :thumb:

man get us a hotdog and a chicken torpedo !! chicken roll ohhh with gravy !! and a frozen coke !!

thanks man, you know i am good for the cash !!


You forgot to get me some…