Going to Europe! - Yes, another one :P

Hey guys,
Just wanted to tell ya I’m going to Europe on Wensday for about 1 and 1/2 weeks. We’ll be in Poland, and Germany mostly. Going to be really fun, and I’m going to take tons of pictures! But don’t think that anyone really cares but hey! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll hopefully have a good time in Berlin.

Hey have a great time and I wouldn’t mind seeing some pictures. :wink:

Hey hey hey!! Visit Sweden man! You won’t regret it =)
Oh well, maybe next time…

Yeah I have some cousins in Sweeden, and I was supposed to visit them.
Hey! You never know bro, we actually might stop by there.

If ever you want to drop by Frogland :beam:

J/k… berlin rocks… they’ve got beers almost as good as in belgium !

POLAND?!? seriously? man, that’s heaven for sure! went there last year on a 1-week holiday, and it seriously was the best holiday EVER! :slight_smile:

a 1/2 liter great beer for 25 cents or so, a super-sized McD menu for $1, it’s just great! :slight_smile: