Illymasse in paris

illymasse do you really live in paris is that juts a HOAX ?

He really lives there…I have a real snail mail address for him and everything. He’s the real deal. Yes siree.


Why would that be a hoax ?? Course I live there. WHY ??

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My g/f and I plan to travel across europe next year. We will definately stop in paris if we end up going.

Gimme a ring when you do. If you do it. And if I’m in France at that time…

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We’ll definately be hitting Paris. We plan on going to Poland, because thats where her entire family is, Germany, Greece, Italy, France, Spain and then England and then home. Maybe Ireland, and Scotland. Sooo, I definately have to start saving my money. My travel fund is currently $110. I have decided to not fix my car this summer, so that I can save money to go next summer. Well, I hope I will be able to go because the furthest I have been from home is Florida, and the only other country is Canada.

How long’s that trip supposed to last ? Because it looks like a huge programme… And don’t go to England ! it sucks !!! (French point of view, and any Englishman will tell you that France sucks, so…)

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Well, from a partial Montreal-French, I didn’t care for England/Scotland very much.

It was too American. Canada seems more of a foreign country than the U.K. if you ask me.


Our vacation is 4 months, and we plan to be in Europe for at least one month, if not 2. Thanks for your opinions, but I really just want to go just so I can see everything for myself. As far as travelling is considered, I have lived a sheltered life. I have never been on a plane, and I know I’m giong to get nervous. But, oh well. I hope I get the money I need.

Why did you ask that, Sodium ?
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Sodium? He seems to have departed his own thread. He is pretty funny, he buzzes in from nowhere, has a good one liner, then, like that little creature in his picture, he buzzes on out. Now u c em. Now u dont. wheeeeeeeeeeeeew, thats the sound he makes when he stops at kirupas corner. He cracks me up.