Good Commercials

Anyone find any good commercials lately?

Saw this one, and that it made a good point.

that was a pretty good one.

From what I’ve seen, about 98% of all commercials on TV are complete ****, ie Subway, any car commercial, low quality local company commercials, companies that try to be “extreme”, and anyone that takes a song and re-writes the lyrics so they fit the product.

Budweiser is one of the few companies that makes pretty consistently good commercials. The Hockey Falls guys with the mullets are hi-larious.

Maybe I should have been a marketing major, I can probably pump out some better ads than the jackasses that make the Applebee’s commercials

Yeah, beer companies tend to have good comercials. However the funneist commercials I’ve ever seen was for A1 hot sauce:

A man is sitting out on a hot day in the sun, in his backyard. He picks up his burger, and puts some A1 on it. The man takes a bit out of it, they lays back in his chair. A mosquito then flies up, and bite him. It starts to fly off then PHOOOM, it bursts into flames.

I laughed pretty hard at that.

(Sorry ethan, it didn’t work)

local commercials are the worst! God I can’t stand them.

The Super Bowl has the best commercials - though they’ve been going downhill, I think, over recent years.

I like the one Dodge commercial for the new Dakota with the Hemi engine … the husband gets mad at his wife for talking about the interior, and the DVD player and all. Then the husband takes his son outside when they get home and shows him the engine and says, “Can you say Hemi?” and he does … I liked that, thought it was funny :slight_smile:

Yeah like local car dealerships. They use the same stupid cheesey effects and horrible voices.

Beer commercials rule.

Mmm… The new Dakotas are shexi… My 1987 Dakota is still running great though so… :smiley:

I personally like the Marijuana commercials… Because you know… When I use to do it… I was always doing something important like grabbing food or babysitting… 8cough* bull**** cough cough

I just love watching good commercials. And I hate when commercials suck!.. I was seriously thinking about going to marketing but then dunno what happened I went to business. Anyway, I love good commercials. :slight_smile:

Here’s a great company: Wieden & Kennedy <— view their portfolio :slight_smile:

this isn’t a commercial, but it should be:

The best commercial:
click on Talking About Fame

“It’s Delux son, Delux, it’s not that hard!”

Delux, superstar extrodinaire, get it right! :stuck_out_tongue:

How about that one Bud commercial that plays on Sundays with the reporter interviewing the football player in the locker room.

“There’s no I in TEAM”
“Yeah, there ain’t no WE either…”