Super Bowl Commercials


List (Finished):

  1. Budweiser: Fire Beather
  2. Audi Car
  3. Diet Pepsi Max: Wake up people
  4. Vector Animated One
  5. Budweiser: Cheese Bud Light hidden
  6. Under Armor: Army
  7. Bridgestone: Animals Screaming
  8. Doritos: Message From your Heart
  9. Wanted: Movie
  10. G2: Gatoraid Field fallows him.
  11. Go Hot Chick
  12. BUY DELL: Go Red M1330 (what im typing from)
  13. FedEx: Carrier Pidgeons (Giant Pigeon)
  14. Fight Gondor… in fire Circle
  15. Tide Pen: Stain on Shirt Talking
  16. Budweiser: Horse Training
  18. Accord?: Badgers… Be Quite (that may be wrong… wasn’t paying attention)
  19. Leather Heads: Movie
  20. Garmin: napoleon
  21. CareerBuilder: Fallow your Heart
  22. Life Water ( Lizards Dance
  23. High for Free
  24. GMC: Hybrid
  25. Budweiser: Accents get the Chicks
  26. Narnia: Prince Caspien
  27. Plantars: Ugly Chick
  28. t-mobile: Annoying Chuck
  29. United Way: Youth Fitness (err… was a commercial)
  30. Pepsi: Gets you closer to Justin Timberlake
  31. Doritos: Huge Angry Mouse
  32. Dodge Charger: Standard Commercial
  33. Alltel: Wizard one… meh not a SB commercial.
  34. Greenstone: Loans
  35. NFL Network
    -HALF TIME SHOW (Sponsored by Bridgestone)
    Tom Petty - American Girl
    Tom Petty - Won’t Back Down
    Tom Petty - Free Fallin’
    Tom Petty - Runnin’ Down a Dream
  36. DishDVR: Frank Comedian
  37. 5/3 Bank: The things we do for Dreams
  38. Crysler: GPS
  39. Arby’s: The 5buck Round Up
  40. Zantac: Regular Commercial
  41. Semi Pro: Movie Will Ferrel
  42. Claritin: Clear Nascar
  43. Witchdoctor tiny head.
  44. Panda Vector
  45. Vitamin Water: Shaq on a Horse (lol)
  46. Bud Light: Wheel suck
  47. Ice Breaker Cubes: Carma Electra
  48. Bridgestone: Richard Simons and Alex Cooper (& Python)
  49. CareerBuilder: Singing Bug
  50. Hyundai
  51. Wall.e: Movie Pixar
  52. Jumper: Movie
  53. e-Trade: So Easy(baby)
  54. Bud Light: Rough Flight
  55. NFL: Chester Pits
  56. GM Pontiac
  57. Alltel: Wizard again.
  58. Menards
  60. Coca Cola: Stewy VS UnderDog and Charlie Brown…
  61. Coca Cola: Politics
  62. Toyota: Tryks(sp?)… things little kids ride.
  63. Don’t mess with the Zohan: Movie Adam Sandler
  64. e-Trade: Creepy Clown
  65. Taco Bell: Fiesta Platers
  66. Gatoraid: Thirsty Dog
  67. Bud Light: Will Ferrel Suck one… Made with Sweat… not really.
  68. Hyundai Genesis: “The others won’t like it”
  69. Victoria Secret: ■■■■
  70. amp: Hmm don’t know which one was more sexier.
    -GAME OVER (Giants Win)
    Dell: Go Red

//edit, all with heavy advertising for House and Terminator from fox… and their other shows(American Idol)/sports (Nascar).

… someone will have to tell me which ones are local and which aren’t.