Good Links or good help /me is newbie

I was wondering if you could make actions when clicking ordinary text… I know it works with buttons, but it’s much easier to make a navigation menu with ordinary text instead of clumsy buttons. And another thing… maybe need good links for this cuz it might take to long to explain.

When creating a flashsite, u can navigate and something new pops up here and there… like a HTML site but everything in flash. The thing I dont get is where to put all the “Stop O;” and what scene to go to when u click certain things and so on.

//Thanks in advance
/me is newbie and is hoping to learn something by asking alot :smiley:

Has anybody tuned in here and maybe my question was to messy?

You can make text a button as well. Simply select your text and press F8. Select Button and press OK. You have a button in the shape of your text. Nothing to it!

well the Stop O;" and where to put it

type some text, then goto> insert >convert to symbol > botton.

then in the layer (in the area where you add keyframes) right click it, and the action panel will open up, insert the code
Stop O;"
and it will stop right there when the movie starts

then click on the botton, and add this code

on (release) {
gotoAndPlay (2);


and make a keyframe in keyframe 2 and whatever you draw etc while on keyframe 2 will show when the movie is played and you click the botton…

I find some problems with that example Kirupa… for one thing, if you create a button from text, and leave it that way, it’s only a button on the actual pixels which make up the text… sometimes this is hard for people to click on. Especially if the text is small.
My suggestion would be to create a simply box of fill. It doesnt’ really matter what size it is. Select it and make it a button symbol. Edit that symbol in the library, and drag the first frame to frame four.
Now go back to the stage and drag the button to it. You will see the square as a pale bluish square. You will not see this in the published product. For all intents and pourposes, it’s an invisible button. You can resize it using the scale tools to what ever size you like, AND you can reuse it again and again over each section of text where you need a link. The action script can be different for each INSTANCE of it on the stage.

putting a box in the hit frame (4) of the button avoids the “unclickable text button” syndrome.

Yeah… I still like the invisible button best. It takes a little more typing (dragNdroping) in the action script panel, but it saves a little on file space, as you are using the same button over and over for all your tasks. Also, if you’ve got the button made once, you can save it into your flash directory, and it will show in your “Common Libraries” section, this just means that it’s really easy to drop it in whereever.

thanks alot guys