Google & privacy does this concern you?

It seems more an more people are wary of Google and it’s effects on individual privacy. Personally I use Duck Duck Go because I don’t like the so call “filter bubble” that Google creates by over personalizing searches, I’d don’t mind having to sort through differing opinions to find what I’m looking for I actually think that’s healthy. But that’s my only issue with Google and the information they have acquired on me, I still use them for local searches. I guess I’m saying I’m not really worried about Google but I wanted to hear from the users here, what are your opinions of Google? Do you feel like they violate privacy? And if so can someone explain to me this is an issue? Because in my mind it’s purely hypothetical every argument I’ve heard against Google is based on what they might do with your data not what is actually happening. I’m not saying collecting people’s secrets is a best practice I’m just wondering what the worst case scenario is, and hoping to encourage some discussion.

I do believe everything everywhere is listening and collecting more than ever and it will only get worse.

I also think theres a large move toward collecting and analyzing your audio whether it’s indirectly disclosed or not, something so blatantly illegal 20 years ago. Now its just like…uh, whatever.

Want an Amazon kitana 24/7 microphone or whatever its called placed around my house? No sir, I do not.

As to your question… I forgot what it was, excuse me I need some more tinfoil for my hat.

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I can’t imagine I’m doing anything that Google would find interesting.

I would like to rekindle this discussion. I´m not sure if I should switch to a Norwegian email provider from Gmail. I have nothing to hide but still feel uncomfortable sharing so much with Google. I use Google Photos, Google Drive, Email, Calendar and Search (Have recently switched to DuckDuckGo). I want people to discuss this.

Google can have all my data! I’d take convenience over privacy any day of the week, for my basic view is that we have no privacy online.

I’m with Kirupa. Take all you want if it makes life easier. However, sometimes when you have everything it means you can focus on the unimportant. I hate it when I start getting news results in my feed based on some random search I made. And when I buy something, I don’t want to see ads for that thing. I already have it!

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Yes times infinity.

The question that is often asked when people say I do not mind, is if you mind someone is looking at your private life all the time? Living in your home and knowing everything? They say this is not an excuse to say I do not mind. Privacy experts say you should protect your data and privacy at all costs. Google and co are actually having access to everything you do. It is like if you are living at home without walls! That concept is making me nuts.

What if I invited someone who does a bunch of my household chores all for free. The cost is that I give this person access to everything I do. If I don’t want this person’s help, I can do more of this work myself. There are other people I can use - some I pay for, others work for free but care a little less about the things I have around the house or what I do inside it. The problem is that none of them are as good as the first person - in quality and breadth of the chores they perform.

Who you end up choosing is entirely up to your preferences and what you value more - privacy or convenience :slight_smile:

That was an excellent example Kirupa! I totally agree with you. It is up to each individual. I do trust Google but I cannot find anything as good that I can pay for that actually keep my data private.

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