Got some problem in flash

I did a flash sublayer masking using flash Mx. I placed a skeleton figure and above it masked with human figure and above it placeda spotlight which moves over human figure and shows skeleton and then placed welcome to my page in one keyframe so that when the loop ends the spotlight comes to the heart of the human and shows the welcome to my page text. This I tried to preview it in html and it dint work properly in the sense I can see the text alone over the human body and the loop works since I see the text then and there but not the skeleton or the spotlight moving. Please reply ASAP of what to do. This is dragging me for a long time.

cool thingy :slight_smile:
change the mask from graphic object to a movieclip and it’ll work :slight_smile:

I could not fix the problem. can u fix and reload the file if u can. I will really appreciate that.

You have to redo your mask as a movie clip and not a graphic.

The graphic symbols is what was messing it up.

I copied and pasted the raw drawing (if you keep double clicking you get to the part where you can actually edit what the object looks like) into the movie clip and deleted the graphic symbol and it worked great.

I figured that you have not understand what lostinbeta and Syko were telling you so…

Here it is.

Yeah I was going to do that… but I figured it would be easier (meaning more educational) for them to figure out how to do it themself.

Either way works :stuck_out_tongue:

hi guys,
Thanks for all your help and I got it. It worked. Another thing I want to know can u guys can give me a model flash page which I can see how it is done inside and do it accordinly as Iam designing a webpage through flash for the university department. I need to make the side buttons and all that stuff and make links and this and that. i need to look at a fla file in order to get used to how to do it flash. can u guys help me out.

There is a Full Flash Site tutorial at somewhere in the MX section.

[edit] here it is [/edit]

You´re right lostinbeta.

It is better to explain than just do the job. That way someone else with the same question can see and learn too.

Won´t happen again.:frowning:


I don’t care that you did it… so no frownies allowed here.

I do it myself sometimes when I can’t really explain well, or if I am not really sure, I set up an example and post the .fla and ask them if that is what they want.

I’m not saying to not do it, I do it all the time…lol. I myself am just straying from that and starting to try and explain instead of posting files. Keyword there is trying :slight_smile: