Got to play an XBox 360

Not at all impressed. As far as I could tell, they painted the XBox white and relabled it.

I played Call of Duty 2 and King Kong. Neither we all that fun. Call of Duty 2 was ok. Havent played it before. Nothing you couldnt get from a PC (PC would actually be a little better graphically methinks). The controller was fine, though I often hit that media button thing instead of start.

Nothing special about this round of next gen systems except the usual hype. I will say that these are 1st generation games so they can only get better. Nevertheless, it’ll probably be more of the same, just more refined and a little better visuals.

I’m probably going to have to go with Nintendo this time around. The remote-controller seems like it will bring something new to gaming and be worth the buy. The fact that the revolution is so small is nice too. Both the X360 and PS3 seem big and uncoforming to me (esp. PS3). On top of that, it will probably be the cheapest system (yay).