Sold my PS2

I loved that old thing…
…but now I’m just going to buy an xbox to replace it.
cries more
Well, it hasn’t had that many good games recently anyways
and if I really direly want to play one, I’ll just go to my friend’s place. No big deal.

aw…why did you do that? the playstation has more and better games than xbox. did you also hear that microshaft is losing money cause of the xbox? what console doesn’t play dvd unless you get their stupid remote for it? that’s microsoft at work again guzzling all the money they can.
imo, the xbox is too big: it’s the size of my VCR and the controller is the size of a dreamcast!!!
well don’t let my opinion put you down, xbox did have some good games like splinter cell and…well…yeah…


I’m quite certain I know the faults of PS2. I used to be uncertain about the x-box thing, but it wasn’t a comparity thing.

when not weighing one against the other, you’ll realize that PS2 has had **** ALL for good games, and I haven’t used the stupid thing in like a month (when I watched a robin williams DVD).

No good games + Amazing system = …I guess I’ll keep it. I guess.

(No good games + Amazing System) + HEY! i could get an X-box and play with my friends, and play good games, like Splinter Cell, Morrowind, Mechassault, unreal, etc.

I just hope X-box turns out as good in real life as it is in my head, and from my vague memories of Scotts when we played Halo on his (crappy game, but still waaaaaay fun co-operative).

oh yeah, Halo was another good game. nfl2k3 is also a good game off and online.

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