PS2 vs Xbox. I know you will make the right choice

Cast your vote for the better machine.

Without question the PS2.

I don’t even have to explain it. I know people can go on about ‘Halo’ or whatever it’s called, but I wouldn’t swap my PS2 with any other console. I love it.

Did u vote Kit. Please vote in the poll. I want the numbers to back up what I know is true. Waht u said is exactly true. Ppl who wated money on an Xbox just have trouble admiting that.

Yep, I voted! PS2 all the way!

Humm it only says one vote yet I voted and u voted. Cna the creator of the poll not vote?

[EDIT] Never mind my chache was just messing things up.:slight_smile:

I am not big on console games at all. The most recent console is a Super Nintendo which is boxed up and stored somewhere =) So, I just blindly chose the XBOX :wink: Not that I ever played an XBOX or PS2, but the XBOX has an nVidia graphics card, which is what I have in my comp…that’s my twisted, childish logic behind the vote for XBOX lol.

Kirupa :evil:

Big K what are u doing. This poll is for scientific purposes. You can’t just be blindly throwing votes around.:stuck_out_tongue: I hope u will see the light and change your vote. :smirk:

PS2 for the obvious reasons.

  1. Its not owned by Microsoft.



  4. The enormous game library and third party support

  5. GTA III

  6. GTA Vice CITY!

  7. Tekken and Virtua Fighter

  8. Dead to Rights coming soon

  9. Hitman and Hitman 2!

  10. Uhmmm…just because. Regardless of whether or not Xbox has a nVedia graphics card, or how good the graphics are. You have to have content over graphics. If you make beautiful games that suck hardcore then it dont matter. I’m going to take out my Nintendo and start playing Mario Bros. Playstation has beautiful games that are fun to play.

Thats exactly it. I can take a crap in a gold tolit but it will still be crap. You need to have gameplay to back up your graphics.

Uhm… interesting analogy there sintax…

Hey i’m a wordsmith. I like to work the language. just wish i could spell:P

Actully, i hardly play games. Even in my pc, i just like playing my own games. =) lol.

I got ‘Dead to Rights’ for Gamecube, the bullet time is sweet!

lol, as far as i know, Game Cube was failure! :P. But Dan, like bullet time like in Max Pyane? and where do you get those grung fonts?

btw you mihgt want to review this before voting…
The XBox games…

Yes, Xbox does have a lot of games, but PS2 has a much larger library. Its been out longer, more established. Its all preference. I like the final fantasy games, and the GTA series, and games like Tekken and Virtua Fighter. And you can’t get those on Xbox. So I voted PS2

i dont have any of those consoles but ill go for the PS2 gonna buy it next week :). im dieing :elderly: for playing FFX!!!

well me my avitar, and soon to come new footer will just be happy together, oh yeah, kirupa can come to our Xbox party too, he is a smart guy!

FFX is awesome. a little disappointing, but still a great game. Amazing graphics in that one. I think FF7 was the best tho… In fact, I’m going to play it thru again, and then 8 and then 9 and then maybe I’ll play 10 again…

Read Big K’s post. He just blindly picked one. That Xbox game catalog, I use it for ass wipe. It is piss poor compared to PS2’s game library.