Gradient : How to make it transparent?

Oh My,

I need some help on the basics of making a symbol.

When you insert a symbol, and you make a Gradient. How do you make the end of the Gradient Transparent so the the layers below will be shown even if with the gradient Symbol is placed on top?

Confusing? Let me show you my problem…

when you open up the gradient menu where you can change the colors, notice the colors are on the bottom, above them are two identical tabs to those on the bottom except that they are filled with black, those show the alpha, you can change the values in those to make it more or less transparent :wink:

bombingpixels : I think im lost out here! hehehehe!!

I only have mx, and I was kinda givin’ instructions for fw :smiley: but here:

select the color you want to be invisible, and change it’s alpha to 0, it’s also a good idea to change the color to the background for a smoother transition, but rareley it’s even noticable

oh yeah! i did it! thanks!!