It means something like Children’s House…

I think…

Where’s the Germans when we need them…



Congrats kirupa and nali!!! :slight_smile:

now just graduate college and you’ll be all set! it’s a much bigger deal.

but anyways, congratulations.

Yeah congrats to both Nali and Kirupa. Must be exilerating an feeling! i went to pre-school before kindergarten.

congrats on your graduation guys
now k-man is gonna go get picked on by lava at mit

kindergarten is compulsory in france - but all we do is play around and have extremely long recesses… But aaahh good memories - hundreds of field trip and wearing stupid masks and having phun…
Life gets boring as you grow old… whish i could have stayed a kid, maybe a toddler…

I remember kindergarten…

it was a blast. you did nothing.

My favorite memory was when this one chubby kid burped real loud into his ands and puked all in them while we were sitting indian style listening to a book. He then proceded to clean his hands off on the girl in font if him.

good times man… good times…

Friday was Graham Cracker day!



we had this platform in the middle of the room, but we werent allowed to sit on it. it was really weird. and we like learned to count to 100 and wehn we did we got a prize. i forgot what it was. and then also we had a bathroom in the room! ti was the best! and we had those HUGE pencils w/o the eraser. ahh last year was fun!

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**ahh last year was fun! **

I’m so glad <b>you</B> said that…


now I don’t have to…


lol, glad i could help make things easyer.

Congrats k-dude & cowboy :cowboy:

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**Not all we Kit! :stuck_out_tongue:

Junior and infant was the same thing for me**
Were they? :slight_smile: Mine were two separate buildings, but in the same school… On my first day at the junior school the teacher took us all over to the infants school, and made us look through the window at all the ‘babies’. :stuck_out_tongue:

but at least they rekognized the change. lol what did you think when they did that though? honestly…

Kindergarten means “Children’s Garden.”


Ah ThePope strikes back with his German knowledge =) Let’s not forget that he graduated yesterday as well - he is in several classes with Nali and I.

Kirupa :ub:

he is? I thought he lived in the vatican. That’s one or two miles away from alabama i thought :).

Sorry i forgot you pope, you just don’t post here much :-\

found this photo of Nali getting his diploma today. You can see the family resemblence to the unibrowser. Not as tall as I had pictured tho…



HahA… good pic

…much con~grats 2 all’Y’all…

rev you always got one for the occasion. and kirupa i didnt know you guys knew eachother. cool. well congrats to you too then sir!