Kirupa Starts School Today!


I graduated Senior Year in June 2002. I hated senior year, I worked harder than I have ever worked, but thats my fault.

GOOD LUCK KIRUPA! Don’t stress yourself out too much.

Hey dan & lostinbeta,
Thanks a bunch :slight_smile: Yeah, I hope not to stress myself out too much, and I’ll try to have fun hehe. The first day, as always, is a blast. It is the day when teachers act all nice and force you to believe that they are nice and cool; then monday rolls around and BAM! the wrath of homework/reading/pop-quizzes comes around lol.

Kirupa :rambo:

Sounds fun, I start monday and am actually looking forward to it. By the way Kirupa, don’t add my tutorial yet because I am going to add a part to the script that uses inertia with the mouse so that it is more smooth of a transition and I am going to add a little more notes.

Hehe alright :slight_smile: I’ll add it once you have it completed!

Kirupa :rambo:

Senior year is just like kindergarten just with kissing and stuff.

The whole school system is like a bell curve. :slight_smile:


ROFL!! That’s the best explanation of the senior year I have ever heard. Too bad I decided to take AP Courses…none of that will be happening to me this year! :evil:

kiruap :rambo:

senior year is awesome. You get to watch all the people who think they’re sooooooo cool and just slack off the whole time having a good time, because “senior year doesn’t count to get into college”. Then you go to graduation and where are they? THEY FAILED, HAHAHAHA. Well, i hope that happens to some of the slackers i know.

Care to mention any names Todd; they don’t visit the forums…{anger swells up inside kirupa’s tiny indian brain} Maybe we can create a list and see how true our predictions are hehe.

Kirupa :evil:

That list never worked for me. The people I know that deserved to fail all passed by the skin of their teeth. At the end of the year they suck up to the teachers and bring on the waterworks “I can’t fail, please, my mommy will send me to boot camp”, BULL!. Grrrr, I am one angry mofo…haha.

I guess thats the justice of the Philadelphia Public School System (yes, it seriously sucks, I know more than some of my teachers, seriously)

my senior year was crap too…I had an early-release form so everyday i would get out after 4th period to go to work. Then i would work until 8 pm and then i would go to sleep. I took AP english and AP economics…It was decent tho because I got to laugh at all the people in my class that failed. 18% of my class failed. I was ranked 25th (i don’t know how, I didn’t do homework after I hit 9th grade…) out of 300 people…

Um, for us unenlightened Brits, can someone please tell me what ‘senior year’ is?

We have years numbered:
1 - 2 for infants school (ages 5 - 7)
3 - 6 for junior school (ages 7 - 10)
7 - 11 for secondary school (ages 11 - 16) where you do your GCSEs
12 & 13 for sixth form secondary (ages 16 - 18) where you do your A Levels

Then you can go to University for a few years if you want to do a degree, or college or get a job…

This means I have no concept of ‘senior year’. :-\

Same here… :slight_smile:
6-10: Primary school
10-15: Collège
15-18: Lycée
18-?: Whatever

**** Americans!

pom :asian:

It’s almost the same here. 12th grade is the highest required education level (unless you want to make money that is). Usually you graduate from there when you’re 17 or 18.

Boy… I graduated in 1989… over a decade ago…

Younguns… ha!


1: Kindergarten
2-5: Elementary school
6-8: Middle school (junior high)
9-12: High school

Most people go to “preschool” for a year before kindergarten, but it could be a daycare for all its worth (nothing). Kindergarten is half a day every day. And sometimes Elementary school for some people is 2-6, and their junior high is 7-8, but those people usually end up as psychopaths and members of the United States Postal Service.

I went to preschool. I actually learned a lot there considering it is pretty much daycare. I think I was the only one in my class who knew how to read in Kindergarten, but that is probably because I went to preschool before I moved to where I am now (where the school system is horrible).

After 12th Grade you can go to a 2 year College (Vocational/Trade School) or a 4 year college (standard college) (some are even longer, like if you want to be a doctor or something)

Going to preschool does help somewhat. I was at a slight disadvantage because I went to Preschool, K4, K5, 1, and 2, grades in Germany. Therefore, I studied everything in German. When I moved to the US about 10 years ago, I had to re-learn everything in English aka speak the language without the staccato APU-like Indian accent. Somewhere in there, my mind is still defragmenting all the stuff that I’ve learned and forgotten in strange languages over the years =)

Kirupa :rambo:

Hey Kirupa, where in Germany did you go to school? Although I was born and raised here in “the states” (and unfortunately don’t know too much German) my family is from Frankfurt, Germany:)

Just another one of those <B><I>useless facts</I></B>.

I retract my statement about preschool. I just thought about it and I realized, I was the only one that could read in my Kindergarten. Actually it was due partly to my parents too, but, nevertheless, preschool was pretty important. And they gave us naptime!!!

Man, I sure do miss naptime! I went to a fairly nice school in Heilbronn. The place is a short drive south of Stuttgart. I used to be able to speak/write in German quite well, but of course, not having spoken or used the language for over 12 years, kinda makes one to forget it :slight_smile:

Kirupa :bandit: