Kirupa and I graduated from high school last night. Go us :).

NWC :trout:

yeah way to go!!!

thats awesome! congrats!

congrats, doesn’t it feel good? that’s one huge step through life.

great, now get a job!



Good deal…

Cant wait for Kirupa to get his unibrowed self to MIT. Then Rere420, Golgi, Lavaboy and Myself can corrupt him.

Congratz… :smiley:

How old are you when you graduate from high school? I live in the UK and we leave when we are 16…

17 or 18 in the US

You have such a weird schooling system… :slight_smile:

I remember my graduation. :slight_smile: Actually that’s a lie, no I don’t. I was drunk as a skunk for most of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

… sex :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably, but I honestly can’t remember. :blush:

Yeah - we graduate at 18. 2 years of Kindergarten, 12 years of regular school, and 4 years of actual life = 18 or 17 :slight_smile: I came straight home after graduation and watched the NBA Western Conference finals. Dallas lost - so disappointing :frowning:

Kirupa :ub:

We do 2 years at infant school, 4 years of junior then 5 years of secondary. After that you can leave at 16 or carry on to 18 at secondary school/ college. Then you can leave at 18 or go on to University, generally for another three years. Then there’s a Masters course of a year after that if you want it, and a Doctorate… :slight_smile:

Not all we Kit! :stuck_out_tongue:

Junior and infant was the same thing for me

  • Soul :s:

ha ha…infant school…

You Brtish always name things phonetically (sp?)

Try Kindergarden! It does not make sense at all…a garden fill of kinders?!

But it sounds better :skull: :skull:

What a d*mn stupid word! Kindergarden :stuck_out_tongue:

Stoopid americans :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Soul :s:

actually it comes from german.

I only had one year of kindergarten, I thought that’s how it worked in America. Although I guess it could be different from state to state.

Originally posted by Soul *
**What a d
mn stupid word! Kindergarden :stuck_out_tongue:

Stoopid americans :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Soul :s: **

Ha ha…

We may be stupid but we got better explosives :stuck_out_tongue:


  1. It’s kindergarTen. I’m guessing it doesn’t have much to do with a garden :).

  2. The US state doesn’t require kids to go to school until kindergarten, but many parents put their kids in 4 yr old kindergarten which gives the parents a break from the annoying little kids and lets their kids have a head start on reading and all that fun stuff.