Graphic to Text Tweening in MX

I have a project due for school tonite and MX is giving me problems. I have a book for Flash 5 and it’s not helping me much. This is what I need to do:\r\rI have to tween 6 squares into the word ‘square’. I have followed the instructions over and and over again and can’t get it to tween. It just changes.\r\rAny response will be welcomed.\r\r\rThanks all.

You will need to use shape tween. Make sure your squares are “shapes” and that your text has been broken apart. Finally, make sure you use shape hints to get the effect desired.

That’s the instructions in the book for Flash 5. It just doesn’t work in Flash MX. Thanks, though.\r\rAny other suggestions? At this point I am willing to try anything.

Put each letter on it’s own layer, in fact, this is very easy in MX:\rselect the word, “break appart” twice, and all letters will be shapes on their own layer (if i remember well…or was it "release to layers?..)\r\rThen, move the keyframe with the letter to the right in each layer, insert keyframe on 1st frame, put your square there (no outline, just fill!), click in between, and in the properties panel, select shape tween…if i correctly remembered this all, a green arrow should appear, indicating all is well.\r\rThen, as “you killed my father” suggested, absolutely use shape hints (have a look without them, it’s a bit weird…) :\rselect square shape, go to modify/shape/add shape hint;\ra red dot appears which you put on one corner of the square, go to the frame with the letter, move the dot to the point of the letter you want the corner to morph into, it should turn green, indicating all’s well (like a traffic light: green= ok…);\rgo back to square (dot has turned yellow) and start again for next corner; work in clockwise fashion…\r(i forgot: i think you’ll want to delete the outlines of the letters!!)\rWorks?

I apologize this is a beginners class and I have no clue what to do with the layers. Can someone please tell me what is missing:\r\rThe book says to create the 6 squares. Select frame 20 and insert a keyframe. Use the text tool to create the word “square”. Break it apart using modify. Go back to frame 1 and select shape tween. Press play and it’s supposed to work. \r\rWell it doesn’t. \rI am close to tears at this point!!!

With half of my hair pulled out I finally figured it out.\r\rTo break the text apart completely you have to push CTRL B twice. This will convert each letter into a shape and allow the tweening to occur.

yeah… um… that’s what I said in the other post you posted out here. :slight_smile:

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