Shape tweening

hi i’ve problems with shape tweening

has anyone a tutorial for this

i used this tuorial
it’s in dutch so i’ll translate it

make some text
break it apart(ctrl+B)
make another keyframe at 40
make another text
select the gum tool(the erase tool)
en erase a little point in the middle of the transformation
as little as possible
then create a shape tween i did this by right click the frame and then(create motion tween)
and changed it into shape(i used flash mx of course) but that was a flash 5 tutorial so can someone help me

Well briefly shape tweening is done in a similar way to motion tweening. You specify a start state and an end state, and Flash will ‘fill in the gaps’ for you when you apply the tween.

However, there are some differences you should be aware of.

First, you can tween symbols. No go, it just won’t do it. You have to get the actual fill / text / shape in the movie, not an instance of it. So yes, if you’re using text, you’ll need to break it apart twice (once into each letter, then again to get the fills).

Secondly, shape tweening is not the most precise tool there is going. If you’re tweening a complex shape, you might find it all goes a bit wonky in the transition - you lose the shape. To avoid this, use the shape hints tool to pick out key places in your tween that you don’t want to become amorphous blobs. This way you should keep the rough shapes of the images while it plays.

first make sure that you break the text into fills!
secondly DO NOT create the shape tween by right-clicking and choosing motion tween and then changing it!
(flash converts the text automaticly into graphic symbols and you can’t shape tween it later)
here’s a better way of shape-tweening it:
click once on the first frame and from the properties panel …or whatever it is choose shape tween. (from where you changed it from motion to shape before)

I hope that helped!

the 1st one from angel i didn’t get
but syko thanx super