Graphire 2 Tablet

Hey all, im gonna buy the wacom Graphire 2!!! Whoo hoo!! I’d like to hear some thoughts on it, or Tablets in general. =) Im hoping to increase my ability to become a better designer (or something like that ) =) hehe

Whats your thought on digital tablets?

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they will increase your productivity, and hopefully your creativity:rambo:

I need to replace mine:(


I have a graphire 2, its good. I like it…tablets are awesome…

I have a graphire 1 and an intuos 2 - they each tie as the second best things I’ve ever puchased in my entire life.

Woo HoO!!! i got it! =)

its pretty sweet =)

I actually remembered you ren when i decided to buy mine =) heh

Im gonna have fun with this =)

mine broke yetserday on accident i feel back and pulled the cord out!!!. i need t go bget it fixed.

Edster - isn’t this the second time you broke a tablet?! If you weren’t such a superior artist, I would have to say maybe you shouldn’t be allowed to have a tablet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ray: I knew you would enjoy the tablet, it was made for people like you. I also convinced Lobstars into getting one… where is the guy, haven’t seen him in a very long time.

Alright This is my first graphic with my new tablet!!!

Its very basic and made in flash…

I couldnt get painter Classic to run on my comp (it kept freezeing)…

Im really getting used to this pen as my mouse. =)

i want a graphire2 as well…i bet your enjoying it alot :frowning: oh how i wish <:} was real :frowning:

Man I love my intous… I need to get new tips again though - such an amazing piece of tech! Ohhh I almost forgot, my Matrox Parhelia GRFX card is coming in the mail soon… yeah!!! Two 19" screens at all times, plus the TV monitor I have over me… man is this going to be awesome. :beam:


Glad you’re going to join the proud and the few that has 2 monitors. =) MULTITASKING BABY! lol =)

Hey, if anybody else is getting a tablet, look on PRICE WATCH (im not advertising) for the best prices… It makes me angry to see people pay 20% too much for something…
Anyway, I’m getting a graphire2 in a couple of weeks… Should be fun…

Hey guys, I’m looking for my first tablet for Christmas. I know this has been asked before, but what do you guys recommend? And also how much do they run? Also, can I use it in Photoshop?


i am getting one for x-mas as well. begging my mom for the past 2 months has been enough she said! :P. i used one at an open house at a school i am applying to, and i loved it. so my mom conceded right there, i was screaming lol, funny looks :crazy:

Scary mdipi, enough said… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work Raydred! :wink: