Great Beatles Intros


^ 3D Program ?

Here is another one, but I think it was made using Rotoscoping.



definitely done in Swift 3D, anyway, its nuts. Thats crazy cool awesome in a bottle :slight_smile:

I like the come together so much more then the other one…i wish i could make something like that…

Yeah well the 1st is better. Its like cell shading or something.

That’s one of the coolest things I’ve seen in Flash :beam: :thumb:

does ‘wow’ qualify as an answer?

Very very cool! :slight_smile: It didn’t lag up my computer either.

seriously?? i couldnt watch it, it barely worked! what i saw was awesome though!

7.8mb!! ouch…

and now i see why!

Wow…I wonder how long that took to render…

I wonder how much he’s gonna get paid.

Maybe A Million!

heh I doubt anywhere near that much


I edited the title to be more discriptive of the subject :smiley:

seeing as to how i have dial up < 28.8… i was like fricken tripping to the opening scene for like 10 minutes.


That’s awesome, did you guys see the kareoke mode?