Greetings (1st) Post and question about horizontal parallax

Hello Kirupa and all on this friendly forum! :).

I’m just in my first few months of web-dev. I would be so grateful if anyone could help.

Here is a very basic parallax effect:

My question is:

I wish to create a one pager website.

I would like to create a slide-show of images that transition with an on(‘click’… event --Or a simple button(?). (–not scrolling).

I would really like it to be a horizontal effect.

I’m interested in the transition of one image “revealing itself upon another” from the side–rather than the conventional effect where one image pushes another out of the way.

I’m looking for a light-weight solution that I might code myself – But I’m looking to be guided in the right direction.


1> is this something I can do with vanilla jQuery? if so what parts should I focus on mastering in order to achieve such an effect?

2> would I have to do use something like Skrollr.js
in order to do such a thing? --If so, is this a “crutch”?

3> Is it something that CSS could handle? or would I need to wipe my glasses and open that javascript book again?

–Anyway… Many many thanks. And very best wishes to Kirupa and everyone else on this forum!