Greetings from a FLASH newbie!

Hello everyone!

Just want to say how glad I am with this site. All the tutorials and resources are very HELPFUL, much better than the 1000+ pages Flash 5 Bible that I bought 2 weeks ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not an expert by any means in this field so please be gentle! :o


Hello sexnzen,
Thanks for the compliments. We will be glad to help you out (gently) if you have any questions hehe. The Flash 5 Bible is really not a bad book, but I am not a big fan of Flash books. It is much easier to have a tutorial in a Web browser open and copy and paste code and learn Flash instead of having to look up and down from the screen and the book’s pages.

You’re so right Kirupa!

The only advantage that I’ve found with Flash books is that I can take them to my day job and read them while the boss is out. :slight_smile: